Trombones Almost Under Control

“Rock Me Hard” by Kung Fu Cowboy. (rough trombone arrangement)

“Rock Me Hard” (rough mix) from Scorpion Resurrection by Kung Fu Cowboy

I’ve arranged the trombones on all songs on the entire album to some extent. Some songs are close to finished and a few others seem to grow in difficulty.

I haven’t even started mixing any of the Scorpion Resurrection songs yet. I’m still overdubbing and editing the tracks.

Yesterday I worked on “Black Hills Ride.” I experimented with my new digital drum set and found it sounded great. Well the cymbals were lacking…

My biggest problem is performing the drums on my Yamaha P-125. I like the weighted keys for playing piano and organ… but drums need a faster response and faster return to original position as I’m playing drum rolls.

Option 2 is record with DX Oberheim drum machines of mine. I just bought batteries for both of them, but they need to be installed by soldering them in… so I haven’t finished that project yet. But I’m not as excited to use those old 80s drum machines when I’ve got these new higher quality digital samples to work with.

Option 3 is record the drums in my closet. Perhaps one or two at a time… on a weekend…

I put my Marshall 50 watt amp in the closet studio yesterday and hooked up the Shure SM-57 to record it. I think I need to rerecord a few guitar tracks. Plus, this is the Kung Fu Cowboy album, not the American Zen album. I have to remind myself to not know where I’m going.

I’m being reborn right now. I’m in chemotherapy and daily radiation treatments as they cook my butt to kill the colon tumor.

I’m becoming more optimistic… but no real good news yet.