I Just Finished This Website (ScorpionResurrection.com)

1:51 AM Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Shaolin Digital – Rich Connor “Singing Webmaster”

I trashed what was here. The first version of this website was made in 2014. I really liked it. I remade it at Martin Luther King Hospital in 2018. Then I changed hosting in 2019 and rebuilt it… well I started to.

So today, or yesterday, I was motivated to FINISH THIS WEBSITE so I could start on the Kung Fu Cowboy album, “Scorpion Resurrection,” for Shaolin Records, and my new band/group/orchestra: the 9-Piece Scorpion Orchestra of Shaolin Records.

I’m not a procrastinator, but I start too many projects that I can’t possibly complete all by myself. But I’m done making excuses. I have EVERYTHING I NEED NOW. I’ve got a computer, Logic Pro software, and the three TROMBONE PROGRAMS I needed to finish this Kung Fu Cowboy album.

I used to play trombone in elementary school. I had to sell all my trombones in 2001 because I couldn’t play trombone PLUS flute. So I made a decision to play flute… and never again play trombone… UNTIL NOW! I’ve got… well, you’ll see, or hear… real soon.

No excuses. Here comes the FIRST Kung Fu Cowboy album: Scorpion Resurrection with the “9-Piece Scorpion Orchestra of Shaolin Records.” You’ll see… hear…

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