Trombones Almost Under Control

“Rock Me Hard” by Kung Fu Cowboy. (rough trombone arrangement)

“Rock Me Hard” (rough mix) from Scorpion Resurrection by Kung Fu Cowboy

I’ve arranged the trombones on all songs on the entire album to some extent. Some songs are close to finished and a few others seem to grow in difficulty.

I haven’t even started mixing any of the Scorpion Resurrection songs yet. I’m still overdubbing and editing the tracks.

Yesterday I worked on “Black Hills Ride.” I experimented with my new digital drum set and found it sounded great. Well the cymbals were lacking…

My biggest problem is performing the drums on my Yamaha P-125. I like the weighted keys for playing piano and organ… but drums need a faster response and faster return to original position as I’m playing drum rolls.

Option 2 is record with DX Oberheim drum machines of mine. I just bought batteries for both of them, but they need to be installed by soldering them in… so I haven’t finished that project yet. But I’m not as excited to use those old 80s drum machines when I’ve got these new higher quality digital samples to work with.

Option 3 is record the drums in my closet. Perhaps one or two at a time… on a weekend…

I put my Marshall 50 watt amp in the closet studio yesterday and hooked up the Shure SM-57 to record it. I think I need to rerecord a few guitar tracks. Plus, this is the Kung Fu Cowboy album, not the American Zen album. I have to remind myself to not know where I’m going.

I’m being reborn right now. I’m in chemotherapy and daily radiation treatments as they cook my butt to kill the colon tumor.

I’m becoming more optimistic… but no real good news yet.

Scorpion Orchestra is HERE! First Song Almost Done: “Use Me”

“Use Me” with trombones recorded with Logic Pro

This is my FIRST SONG recorded with Logic Pro music software.

This is my FIRST SONG using Kontakt software in Logic Pro.

This is my FIRST SONG using Trombone sample software.

This is my FIRST TROMBONE ARRANGEMENT ever written and arranged by me, Richard Del Connor (the record producer).

This is the FIRST SONG on the debut Kung Fu Cowboy album: “Scorpion Resurrection” produced by Richard Del Connor for Shaolin Records.

This is the FIRST SONG I’ve ever recorded using a midi controller (my new Yamaha P-125 piano).

This is the FIRST SONG to be produced since I got off the street. Tacoma Studios was my covered wagon…

This is the FIRST SONG by the new SCORPION ORCHESTRA of Shaolin Records. This first album is a 9-piece band.

  • 4 Trombones
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Kung Fu Cowboy Rhythm Guitar and Vocal
  • Rory G Lead Guitar
  • Piano

Copyright 2021 Shaolin Music ASCAP. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2021 Shaolin Records. Used by permission.
Produced by Richard Del Connor for Shaolin Records.

Yippee! I like to release American Zen albums on the 4th of July. Can I make it? We’ll see!

I Just Finished This Website (

1:51 AM Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Shaolin Digital – Rich Connor “Singing Webmaster”

I trashed what was here. The first version of this website was made in 2014. I really liked it. I remade it at Martin Luther King Hospital in 2018. Then I changed hosting in 2019 and rebuilt it… well I started to.

So today, or yesterday, I was motivated to FINISH THIS WEBSITE so I could start on the Kung Fu Cowboy album, “Scorpion Resurrection,” for Shaolin Records, and my new band/group/orchestra: the 9-Piece Scorpion Orchestra of Shaolin Records.

I’m not a procrastinator, but I start too many projects that I can’t possibly complete all by myself. But I’m done making excuses. I have EVERYTHING I NEED NOW. I’ve got a computer, Logic Pro software, and the three TROMBONE PROGRAMS I needed to finish this Kung Fu Cowboy album.

I used to play trombone in elementary school. I had to sell all my trombones in 2001 because I couldn’t play trombone PLUS flute. So I made a decision to play flute… and never again play trombone… UNTIL NOW! I’ve got… well, you’ll see, or hear… real soon.

No excuses. Here comes the FIRST Kung Fu Cowboy album: Scorpion Resurrection with the “9-Piece Scorpion Orchestra of Shaolin Records.” You’ll see… hear…

Shaolin Records

Copyright 2021 Shaolin Music. All rights reserved. ASCAP

Produced by Richard Del Connor

ShaolinZen.TV is New Website of Shaolin Communications

Lancaster, California.  Shaolin Digital.  Rich Connor is the “Singing Webmaster” of Shaolin Digital is the web design and internet enterprise of Shaolin Communications.  Rich Connor has been launching the first ten WordPress websites of Shaolin Communications since 2018 on the computers at Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital in Compton, California.

As several of these ten WordPress websites are being completed, it seemed odd to shift focus to another website.  I searched through all my business plans and marketing plans I’ve designed since moving to Lancaster in October, 2019. I need to finish this “SCORPION RESURRECTION” website for my next Shaolin Records ALBUM: “Scorpion Resurrection” by Kung Fu Cowboy, produced by me, Richard Del Connor. (a.k.a. “Rich Connor the Singing Webmaster”)


I’m finishing my “Vision Quest” which isn’t really an annual event, but I’m very acutely aware of it every year at this time.  It was in 1994 with the Lakota Sioux that I had my first “Hanblechia” at the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

Coyote in a Graveyard

This year it kind of happened.  Living on the street the past six years made privacy extinct.  Comfort, peace, quiet, and serenity, didn’t even exist in the confines of my car as it rocked side to side when cars would drive by…

Oscar Noel Barrera

This year I allowed myself to enjoy my privacy.  Yeah, it’s been the Covid-19 lockdown, but I’ve got nowhere to go and no friends to visit.  With the death of Oscar Barrera I don’t even have any friends to talk to.

So my Vision Quest just kind of happened.  After a couple weeks, I realized I had several unresolved objectives… and then I realized I was searching for a MOTIVATION to accomplish my objectives.

I wasn’t planning to lay out my Vision Quest here, but I realized how my life has always been motivated by jobs, kids, wives, girlfriends, projects, assignments, classes… and that I was mostly a very obedient worker and excellent student.  Okay.  So what.  Who am I?

It took a couple more weeks to discover the answer.  I’m still wrestling with it.

One of the answers was, “LAUNCH ShaolinZen.TV.”


“MAKE THAT your primary website.”


I argued with God a little but he was not impressed with my ineptitude, laziness, or lack of resources to launch this website…

Finally.  I acquiesced.  (I’m not a pushover for any God…)

So I’ve been working on ShaolinZen.TV

Since Shaolin Zen Television is actually an offshoot of the Shaolin Zen CyberTemple at — I decided to offer the Buddhism classes as podcasts and video series…  And stuff I haven’t decided on yet… Because my Vision Quest said to…

In fact, I went another level and decided to use the same LifterLMS Learning Management Software of our Shaolin Chi Mantis school and use it on ShaolinZen.TV also to make a better student atmosphere with QUIZZES and PROGRAMS and MEMBERSHIPS… ALL FOR FREE.

Yeah.  I hope I’ll sell some stuff.  But the classes and all the programs are going to always be FREE.  Seems more Buddhist that way!

So here’s ShaolinZen.TV

(Check it out!)

And here’s the other ten WordPress Websites I’m working on:

  2. CoyoteRadio.TV


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