Scorpion Resurrection movie and album starring Kung Fu Cowboy

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Richard Del Connor was known as “Kung Fu Cowboy” when he was working for Brad Paisley at a concert near the Mexican border. As he was laying the sound and video cables in the amphitheater troughs… he was stung in the neck by a small tan scorpion hiding there.

Only two weeks before, Richard signed the contract with the producers of Kung Fu Cowboy Movie, so they could write the screenplay about his life as a Mr. Mom who teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and records rock and roll in his home recording studio.  Add some vigilante duties and you’ve got the KUNG FU COWBOY PHILOSOPHY.

That first screenplay won a FIRST PLACE award at the Action On Film Movie Awards in 2013.  While recovering from his scorpion sting and after completing the screenplay for the feature film Kung Fu Cowboy: Rock & Roll Movie 1, the Kung Fu cowboy wrote the theme song for the movie,”Scorpion Resurrection.”  Then he kept writing and recording songs until he completed this SCORPION RESURRECTION album.

The Scorpion Resurrection album by Kung Fu Cowboy is being produced by Richard Del Connor for Shaolin Records.  The record should be completed and released in 2019, distributed by Shaolin Communications.