Kung Fu Cowboy

Scorpion Resurrection

I was stung by that tan scorpion in 2012 while working a Brad Paisley concert at the Cricket Amphitheater near the Mexican Border.

One of my fellow stagehands pulled it off my back with a pair of pliers.  He shoved the rigging little monster in my face, “LOOK AT THIS!” he exclaimed.

It had already stung me in the neck and within two hours I couldn’t walk.

The Kung Fu Cowboy Movie

Homeless Life Starts in Las Vegas

On Christmas Eve 2011 Richard Del Connor “Kung Fu Cowboy” moved to Las Vegas to learn Chinese Lion Dance at the Luohan Shaolin Temple.

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Kung Fu Cowboy
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Kung Fu Cowboy is an EXCLUSIVE ARTIST of Shaolin Records

Kung Fu Cowboy

Richard Del Connor has been wearing cowboy hats since he was a little kid. He started in Shaolin Kung Fu in 1980. Graduating in 1984 from the Tai Mantis Federation he was certified in 1994 by Grandmaster Wong Jack Man of the San Francisco Jing Mo school.
People started calling him "Kung Fu Cowboy" about 1984. He was already known as "The Coyote" performing in the folk rock group, American Zen.
In 2010 Shaolin Records released the fourth American Zen album, LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy. This of course firmly established his new name until 2019 when he moved out of his Tacoma truck into an home in Lancaster, California.
Since 2017 Richard has been using the nickname or personality name, "Philosopher Poet."
On February 2, 2020 Richard released his FIRST MUSIC VIDEO shot and edited on his new iPhone 11 Pro Max. (Shadow Green color with 522GB RAM...). He got a gimbal and shot the music video in the desert east of Lancaster. "Black Hills Ride" by Kung Fu Cowboy.
This video featured the NEW LOOK of the Kung Fu Cowboy with a tan leather cowboy hat now, grey hair and a short grey beard.
What's next?
You'll see.

The Hippy Coyote

Richard Del Connor became "Coyote" while performing his rock opera "Coyote In A Graveyard" in Los Angeles nightclubs in 1984 and 1985. Michael J. Fox got on stage and jammed, "Johnny B. Goode" after making his BACK TO THE FUTURE movie.
Capitol Records needed a first name for writing him checks so he became "THE Coyote."
In 2007 Richard evolved into "The Hippy Coyote."
As he evolved in THE Kung Fu Cowboy personality and movie roles only a few people stilled called him, "Coyote." Now he was, "Kung Fu," or "Kung Fu Cowboy."
The Hippy Coyote should want to be unseen and unnoticed as the trickster helping from behind the curtains... but like my acoustic guitar... I don't think recognition has begun yet for American Zen.
What's Coyote doing?
He was Kung Fu Cowboy for five years. He was Philosopher Poet for a few years after that... Now he's Buddha Z filming the "DAILY TAOIST" series of lectures. He's also Buddha Zhen filming his Shaolin Chi Mantis Kung Fu classes in his new home school he calls the "ONLINE KWOON."
What's next?
You'll see.

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