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Richard's family of kids

from Left to Right: Richard Del Connor, Caitlin Marie O’Connor, Rory Dibden O’Connor

Richard Del Connor was born in San Diego, “exiled” in 1970 to St. John’s, Newfoundland, became a recording engineer in 1974, was one of Los Angeles’s original punk bands in 1978, THE RICH, then became a news sensation when Michael J. Fox joined his Coyote in a Graveyard rock opera onstage in 1984…
Richard graduated UCLA Motion Picture Program in 1987 while working for MTV, commercials, music videos, and feature films as photographer, lighting director, and various crew positions.
Richard moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1992 to raise his daughter and form the AMERICAN ZEN folk rock band in which he pretended to be the 4 different music artists of the band while producing their albums as Richard Del Connor and engineering them under another pseudonym, Don DelaVega.
Richard ended his Mr. Mom career and homeschooling in 2011 when he accepted an opportunity to start another of his Kung Fu / Tai Chi schools in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, as during his teen years, he was used for some of the 85 lion dance performances the Las Vegas Kung Fu school performed that Chinese New Year, then he was told to hit the road… without friends, family, or a job… in Las Vegas.
Richard’s album, End of the Line, by American Zen tells the story of this frightful adventure bouncing from Las Vegas to San Diego then back to Los Angeles where he currently resides.
During this past five years Richard has written and published 11 books of poetry, nonfiction, philosophy, and a novel about the Japanese invading China in 1937 titled, Masonic Kung Fu.
Richard’s next book will be about his teenage years in Newfoundland.